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Geography G.C.S.E Case Studies

Case Studies

Volcanoes ­ Mount St. Helens

Peak in the Rocky Mountain fold mountain range in North America. West side of
America in Washington, USA.

The Juan de Fuca Plate, the oceanic crust moved eastwards and collided with the
North American plate, which…

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Geography G.C.S.E Case Studies

- Physical
In Europe, there was almost continuous rainfall in some parts from November 1994 ­
February 1995. Switzerland has 3 times the January average. The snow melted quickly
and earlier than usual in the Alps, and the ground became saturated. Further rain was…

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Geography G.C.S.E Case Studies

The area is made of soft material called boulder clay (sand and clay deposited in the
ice age). The cliffs are easily eroded and collapse easily ­ especially when heavy rain
water-logs, and consequently weakens them.
The North Sea attacks the coasts with powerful waves…

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Geography G.C.S.E Case Studies

2 million commuters all travel to work every day, an average of 3 hours per person.
Pushers are used to cram people into trains. An urban motorway has been made with
4 or more lanes each way.
High land values lead to sky scraper development,…

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Geography G.C.S.E Case Studies

Docks closed.
Few Jobs
Poor Transport
Tumbling Terraced Houses
Lack of leisure activities, open space and services
Ship couldn't reach there
Derelict land

Prestigious office blocks were build, especially the Canary Wharf 245 metre
Transport was improved allowing Central London to be reached…

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Geography G.C.S.E Case Studies

Many of these migrants farmed, but later went into factory and construction jobs,
and the German's found these sorts of jobs to be "dirty", and not very desirable due
to the unskilled labour and unsociable hours involved.

Reduced the pressure on food and jobs.…

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Geography G.C.S.E Case Studies

The people have long working areas in rural areas with very little pay, compared to
the better paid areas in the city.
In rural areas there is too little food and many people are starving.
Medical care is better in urban areas.

Some people…

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Geography G.C.S.E Case Studies

Many of the rivers that enter the area are polluted themselves.

Parts of the sea are now so polluted people cannot swim in them. Areas
which were once popular with tourists are now not so popular.
Some species of fish have disappeared completely.

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Geography G.C.S.E Case Studies

Local people dislike the noisy lorries
National Park officers want quarrying stopped to preserve the natural
landscape & ecosystems.


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