Genetic factors into aggressive behaviour: general evaluation points

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Psychology unit 3 aggression
Genetic factors into aggressive behaviour- general evaluation points
/ Rhee and Waldman: meta analysis of 51 studies and found that 41% were
influenced by genes 16% by shared environmental influences and 43% by non
shared environmental influences. This shows that genes are a factor of explaining
aggression but environmental factors are also important.
There was huge variety of methods the 51 studies used such as using convictions as
a measure of aggression compared to self reports. This means that the methods had
a huge influence on the overall results. Therefore we could generalise the results
of the study to represent general trends of all types of aggression.
/ Animal studies: these show a link between genes and aggression. However, we
can't generalise results from animals to humans as animals have different genetic
structures to humans.
Reductionist: as it focuses on the idea that one gene causes low levels of
serotonin that leads to aggression. There are lots of genes which have a small
effect on aggression and the effect of each gene is influenced by environmental
factors. Research investigating combinations of genes has shown that some of the
genes which influence neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine are
involved in disorders such as ADHD, ODD and CD.


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