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In a "normal" cell genes controlling DNA .....can be described as totipotent.
replication are switched on via relay
Uncontrolled cell division can result from a
receptor protein being permanently
A tumour suppressor gene could work by....
Cells that can express all genes, and so ...siRNA strands with unpaired bases will bind
differentiate into any type of cell.. t enzymes and cause them to cut mRNA
Totipotency is much more widespread...
One argument supporting the use of adult
stem cells over embryonic ones....
Oestrogen influences gene expression by ....travelling into the nucleus from the
regulating.... cytoplasm where they have been produced
by a receptor protein.
Complementary base pairing is important in ...or from excessive production of a growth
gene expression, for example factor, both of which may be due to the
mutation of a proto-oncogene. plants than in mature animals, where
they are restricted to the small intestine,
the skin and the bone marrow. that the embryo is incapable of giving
informed consent.
...producing a protein that binds to a specific
region of DNA coding for DNA replication, so
the transcription factor cannot bind.
....transcription, whereby it binds to a
receptor molecules and initiates release of a
transcription factor.


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