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Gender & Religion…read more

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Sexuality and Religion
· Bird: Roman Catholic priests are expected to be celibate
· Some interpretations of Christianity & Islam are opposed to
· Turner: Self-disciplined existence to repress physical pleasure
Men's perspective on God:
· Powerful and in control
Women's perspective on God:
· Loving, comforting and forgiving…read more

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After many invasions, ancient religions starting
worshipping just one masculine God
· Until the Bronze Age most religions worshipped male
and female Gods…read more

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Gender Inequality
Holm (1994)
· This move to male God is the origin of gender
inequality in modern religions
· Buddhism : male monks have higher status than
female nuns
· Hinduism : only males can becomes brahmins
· Catholicism : women cannot hold office…read more

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Wives be subject
to your husbands. Blessed art thou O
For the husband is Lord our God that I
the head of the was not born a
wife, as Christ is slave. Blessed art
the head of the thou O Lord that I
church was not born a
New Testament If you fear high-
handedness from Judaism
your wife, remind
them of the
teachings of God,
then ignore them
when you go to bed,
then hit them
Qu'ran…read more

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Reasons for inequality?
1) Menstruation
Makes women unclean
Polluting holy places
Hindu women aren't allowed to go near family shrines if they are
menstruating or pregnant
Muslim women aren't allowed to come into contact with the
Qur'an or enter a mosque while they are menstruating
2) Distraction:
Women's presence may distract men from their more important
roles involving worship…read more

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