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GCSE Science Exam
By charrie warren…read more

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What are
Polymers... polymers?
A polymers is made up of
many molecules all strung
together to form a long chain.
The polymers will go into a
long chain and more will be
added to the chain.
What is a polymerization?
Without polymers mankind
cannot exist, people use
manmade plastics such as
polypropylene and polyvinyl
chloride are used in hospitals,
schools and in homes.…read more

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What is an
What is an exothermic exothermic?
and endothermic An exothermic reaction is a
reaction that releases heat.
reaction? Exothermic reaction is also
one in which the products are
more stable than the
What is a endothermic
Chemical reaction where the
energy content of the products
is more than that of the
reactants; heat is taken in by
the system.…read more

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What is a
What is a conduction, conduction?
convection and An conduction one of the
major modes of heat and
radiation in terms of mass transfer.
heat transfer. What is a convection and
radiation in terms of heat
Heat transfer is the passage of
thermal energy from a hot to
a colder body. Heat transfer
may change the internal
energy of materials.…read more

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What is the law
The law of of reflection?
reflection... The law of the reflection is a
light is know to behave in a
very predictable manner.…read more


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