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Unseen Poetry.
The Mode of Attack.…read more

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In the first 7-10 minutes;…read more

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Step 1
Read the POEM
Read the QUESTION…read more

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Step 2
Read the poem again;
Annotate the poem as you go;
- about meaning.
- poetic features with comments on effects
achieved.…read more

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Step 3; look at structure.
Is it a sonnet?
Does it rhyme ­ if so, how?
Is it in stanzas?
Does the poem follow a pattern?
Does the shape of it on the page suggest anything linked to the
Does the poem have any freely floating lines which might stand
apart from the rest of the poem for emphasis?
Does it use enjambment?…read more

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Step 4; plan and WRITE.
Paragraph 1; answer the first part of the question;
what do you think the poet is saying...
Paragraph 2; answer the second part of the question;
how does he...
There is unlikely to be enough time to write a proper
concluding paragraph; the final sentence of your last
paragraph should ideally draw it to a conclusion.…read more

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Paul Dutton


A really useful guide to responding to unseen poetry. It looks at timings in the exam and how to respond to structure.







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