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B2.7 Cell division and inheritance

Characteristics are passed on from one generation to the next in both plants and animals.
Simple genetic diagrams can be used to show this.

Genetic table for
crossing tall pea
with dwarf pea

Parent genotypes: TT
x tt

Genotypes of children T T

t T…

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Then the cell divides once to form two genetically identical body cells, in the process both full sets of chromosomes
become enclosed in a cell membrane complete with the necessary cytoplasm, so the separation into two cells is

DNA is the acronym for deoxyribonucleic acid and these giant molecules…

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The cells of the offspring produced by asexual reproduction are produced by mitosis from the parental cells; in asexual
reproduction the offspring contain the same alleles as the parents

Some plants reproduce by mitosis, so all new plants have identical genes and so are identical plants

Genetic variation

Sexual reproduction…

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Cystic fibrosis- a disorder of cell membranes- must be inherited from both parents.

The parents may be carriers of the disorder without actually having the disorder themselves.
It is caused by a recessive allele of a gene and can therefore be passed on by parents, neither of whom has the…


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