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A2 Sociology 6th April 2011

Functionalism ­ Crime & Deviance

Functionalism is a consensus structuralist theory, which sees the source of crime
and deviance located in the structure of society
Agencies of social control such as the police and the courts are necessary to
keep deviance in check
However, some…

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A2 Sociology 6th April 2011

b. E.g. Mass protest demonstrations might be seen as an outlet for
expressions of discontent avoiding wider and more serious challenges to
social order
c. E.g. Prostitution enables men to escape from family life without
undermining family stability
i. However, this would most likely undermine…

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A2 Sociology 6th April 2011

b. E.g. Teachers who have given up caring about student success, or office
workers who have abandoned hopes of promotion and are just marking
time until they retire
4. Retreatism:
a. `Dropouts' who have rejected both the shared value of success and the
means provided…


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