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1596 Abraham Ortelius (a mapmaker) stated that the coast lines of the continents appeared to fit together.
He used this observation to state that the continents were once joined and that the Americas were once
joined to Europe and Africa.
1785 Catastrophism (shape of the Earth was defined…

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1948 Ewing noted that the rocks present in the islands of the Atlantic were volcanic and of recent age. He also
noted that the central Atlantic underwater mountains extended all along the centre of the Atlantic
forming a continuous mountain range from North to South Hemisphere.

1950 Magnetometers (used in…

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1963 treaty banned above-sea weapons testing The WWSN (Worldwide Standardized Seismograph
Network) main use was to monitor the compliance of this treaty.
Mid-1960s A global network of sensors were installed they detect hydro acoustic signals and also recorded
earthquake and activity.
Scientists used this to find that earthquakes and volcanic…


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