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The Future Tense
How to form the future tense in
This presentation explains how to
say what you will do in the immediate
future.…read more

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How to form the immediate future
With most verbs (-ER and -IR) all you
have to do is use the infinitive form of the
verb and add the correct ending.
For ­RE verbs you take the infinitive
form, remove the `e' and add the correct
A lot of verbs which are irregular in other
tenses follow the same rules as regular
verbs in the immediate future tense.…read more

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Regular Endings
Je __ai
Tu __as
Il/Elle/On __a
Nous __ons
Vous __ez
Ils/Elles __ont…read more

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Example Exemple
JOUER (to play)
Add the correct endings to make:
Je jouerai (I will play)
Tu joueras (You will play)
Il/Elle/On jouera (He/She/One
will play)
Nous jouerons (We will play)
Vous jouerez (You will play)
Ils/Elles joueront (They will…read more

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Some stems change...
But their endings stay the same!
For example:
J'aurai (I will have)
Tu seras (You will be)
Nous irons (We will go)
On devra (One will have)
J'enverrai (I will send)…read more

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Other irregulars
Nous ferons (We will do)
Il pleuvra (It will rain)
Je recevrai (I will receive)
On viendra (One will come)
Tu verras (You will see)…read more

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