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Falling down the rabbit hole . . . or in love with a new book, at the very least. Does it make a
difference: both involve the journey into a new world and Cathy Cassidy does not disappoint with
her revitalised tale of Alice in Wonderland.
In a modern parallel to the original story, Alice is left behind by society when her best friends leave
her for high-school paragon, Savannah. However when Savannah invites her to a
Wonderland-themed sleepover, to try and make amends, she falls into a coma and into
Wonderland. And it's up to her former friends and the boy next door to help bring her back.
As an older reader, three years above the suggested age, this books brings back a Cathy Cassidy
related nostalgia almost as strong as the Lewis Carroll nostalgia associated with the original book. I
recommend this book for older readers, it's good to embrace older memories, and younger
readers because it's better to make new ones.
And to Cathy Cassidy. Top hats off to you ma'am, another brilliant book from you.
`Happily Ever After or Is It?' Script
Act 1
Snow's dad: Hello Snow. Aren't you just the most beautiful baby girl ever? She obviously takes
after me. Right, Lilliana?
Lilliana:Hmm oh yeah course. Can you grab some nappies please?
Snow's dad:Sure. You want me to take Snow?
Lilliana:No! I'll keep her here she'll be safe here. Oh Snow.
Rumplestiltskin: Well... looksee here. Forgotten me have you? You promised me your first born
Lilliana:No, not Snow. Please take me instead. I'll do anything. She's too young
Rumplestiltskin: Well it is true; a baby won't be much use and who wants to deal with nappies: I'll
make you a deal. You will be my prisoner for the rest of your life and in exchange I'll give her 18
years of freedom.
But what will happen on her 18th birthday?
Rumplestiltskin:I'll take her for my own. She will be my prisoner till the day she dies.
Lilliana:I'm sorry, Snow. You're a smart girl, you'll find a way to escape I know you will.
Rumplestiltskin: Let's go. I don't have time for these emotional goodbyes, its taco Tuesday. And as
for you I'll see you soon enough.
(Rumplestiltskin and Lilliana leave)

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Snow's dad: Sweetheart I have the bottles or was it nappies? Sweetheart? (Goes to check the
house) All of her clothes have gone. It's as if she were never here. She's left us. Well you know
what Lilliana; I didn't get the nappies so I guess we're even. Hah. I guess it's just you and me, little
Act 2
(Girls all walk in giggling)
Snow White: Oh thank you ever so much girls I love my presents.…read more

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Girls look horrified. They all say different things, but the message is clear they aren't princesses
and they can't or won't fight. Fighting should be left to the boys.)
Belle: Oh, really, that's your view. Well I'm going to find her and save her. We've been friends for
over 17 years, I can't just stand by and wait for prince Charming to come and save her. She'll be
Sleeping beauty: Don't be silly. Look, I'm the eldest and I'm telling you, you can't go.…read more

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Half Pint: Oh, ay. I know her. Broke my heart in college she did. Oh so when a random prince kisses
a dead girl it's alright, but just cause I'm a dwarf I can't date a witch.
Belle: Half Pint's terrible relationship choices aside, we are going to save Snow aren't we because
you guys are kinda my only hope?
Chuckles: Of course we are Belle, its Snow; besides knowing you princesses you wouldn't last 2
minutes without us.
Thunderella: Too right.…read more

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Aphrodite: Come on Iracabeth. It's not fair. Princesses like her always get what they want. Why
help her, she'll just turn on you.
Queen of hearts:(quietly) Like Mirana did
Aphrodite: Yes. She's a carbon copy of Mirana. You tried to help Mirana once remember. How did
that work out? Let this one prove herself. All Mirana had was looks and a good heart; you had so
much more intelligence, cunning, logic.…read more

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Queen of hearts: Oh don't worry dear you have nothing to fear. You may live, but as for this lot it's
off with their heads.
(Gaston comes running in)
Gaston: Worry not princess. Gaston is here to save you.
Queen of hearts:Ha. Guards off with their heads. Guards? Guards?
Gaston:Oh. Don't bother. I've already taken care of them.
Queen of hearts: You killed them!
Gaston:Ur yeah sure. I mean they begged to live, but I showed them no mercy.…read more

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Belle: Wait a minute, are you talking about Aphrodite.
Sleepy: Venus.
Belle: Venus, Aphrodite same person. But either way she's not evil. All the princesses love her.
Moonbeam: Of course, they do.
Belle: You don't?
(Moonbeam looks grumpy)
Queen of hearts: The thing is Aphrodite only likes the beautiful people. If you're not a gorgeous
princess then you don't mean anything to her. Believe me, I know.
Gaston:So I don't have anything to worry about then
Belle: Gaston, a bit of sympathy wouldn't go amiss.…read more

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Belle: Why? What difference does it make to her whether or not we find Snow?
Annabeth Chase: Belle I don't know if you've noticed, she has a slight ego problem. Prince
Charming turned her down a few years ago and to be honest I don't think she's ever really gotten
over it.
Belle: Oh. Well, how am I supposed to wake these guys up?
Annabeth Chase: We can't tell you that.
Percy Jackson: Mostly because we don't know.
Belle: Of course you don't.…read more

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Snow White: Really, are you sure? Because you don't really look like me. We should probably get a
genetic test and have a long emotional discussion about why you left me.
Lilliana: Snow White, this is fairylandia, no-one does any of that. We just accept that random
people are our long last family members.
Snow White: Oh yeah. Mum, it's really you.
(Snow White and Lilliana talk over each other for about 7 seconds.)
Snow White: Um, mum.…read more

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Lilliana: Blisters her entire life and never being able to stand still. Nothing could be worse than
Snow White:Well it was either that or only being able to listen to Justin Bieber or Nicki Minaj.
Lilliana: She must have been a wise woman
Rumplestiltskin: Oh, but I can't dance, see (dances badly).How can I stop the curse?
Fairy Godmother: Rumplestiltskin you are charged with ruining someone's dreams, to stop the
curse you must make someone's dreams come true.…read more


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