Fractionals Distillation : All the Fractions & Properties

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Fractional Distillation.
Crude oil can be separated into different fractions by fractional distillation. Each
fraction contains hydrocarbon molecules with a similar number of carbon atoms.
Most hydrocarbons obtained are alkanes (saturated hydrocarbons).
Name Boiling Point Colour Flammability Uses
LPG Fuel, heating
Gasoline Used for car
engine petrol
Naphtha Used in
Kerosene Increasing Getting Getting More Aircraft fuel
(paraffin) Darker Flammable
Diesel Car engines/
boiler fuel
Lubricating Oil Engine parts
Fuel Oil Fuel industrial
Residue Making roads
and flat roofs.
L ost
G irls
N ever
K now
D on't
L et
F ire
R age


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