Formulas for Physics

A table of some handy formulas for physics that I thought I'd put up. If you can think of any major ones I haven't put up, please message me so I can correct it!

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Quantity Symbol Standard Units Formula
1 Frequency f Hertz, Hz f = 1/T (T = time period)
2 Wavelength or d Metres, m V=fx
3 Velocity or speed v or s Metres/sec, m/s s = d/t
4 Time T Second, s T = d/s
5 Acceleration a Metres/sec², m/s² a = v/t
a = F/m
6 Weight W Newtons, N W=mxg
7 Force F Newtons, N F=mxa
8 Mass m Kilograms, kg
9 Work done Wd Joules, J Wd = F x d
10 Kinetic Energy KE Joules, J KE = ½ x m x v²
11 Momentum p Kg m/s p=mxv
12 Force F Newtons, N F = p/t
13 Potential difference V Volts, V V=IxR
14 Current I Amperes, A I = V/R
15 Resistance R Ohms, R = V/I
16 Electrical power P Watts, W P=VxI
P = I² x R
17 Charge Q Coloumbs, C Q=IxT
18 Electrical energy E Joules, J E = Q x V,
19 Moment M Newton ­ metres, Nm M=Fxr
Physics formulas


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