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Food Tests…read more

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Reducing sugars
· All monosaccharide's e.g. Glucose, fructose
· Some disaccharides e.g. Maltose…read more

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Benedict's Test
· Add solution of reducing sugar to test tube
· Add equal volume of Benedict's solution and
· Heat and bring up to the boil
Initially blue then turns
green, then yellow, then red
with brick red precipitate…read more

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· Benedict's solution contains copper sulphate
· Reducing sugars reduce soluble blue copper
sulphate to insoluble red brown copper oxide
· Seen as precipitate…read more

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Non reducing sugars
· Sucrose- disaccharide
· Reducing sugar not found in Benedict's test
­ Indicates presence of non reducing sugar…read more

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· Add sugar solution to test tube
· Add dilute hydrochloric acid
· Boil for 1 minute
· Neutralise with sodium hydrogencarbonate
· Benedict's test…read more

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