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Food And Drink from
For AQA extension Science.…read more

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Food and drink that are made using
· Beer
· Wine
· Bread…read more

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Beer Making
· Beer is made using grains such as barley
· The grains germinate (grow) while enzymes break
down the starch into sugar which is a carbohydrate
so an energy source. The grains are then dried in a
· This is called malting. After the grains are crushed,
mashed and water is added. The sugary solution it
produces is sieved to remove the bits and then hops
are added for flavour.
· It is then fermented (anaerobic respiration) by yeast
and the sugar produces ethanol (alcohol).…read more

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Wine Making
· It is very similar to beer making, except the
energy source is the natural sugars in the grape
· Yeast is found in grapes, it is the white powder
on the outside of the skin.…read more

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· Yeast is used because when it converts sugars
into carbon dioxide and some ethanol the carbon
dioxide expands and gets trapped in the dough.
· This makes the bread rise and also makes it
lighter.…read more

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Food Made using Bacteria
· Yoghurt
· Cheese…read more

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