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Flood prevention and
By Jess and Kate…read more

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PREVENTION…read more

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Soft engineering- What is it?
Involves adapting to flood risks often
working with nature.…read more

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Soft engineering
Afforestation- Trees are planted near the river. GOOD
Wash lands- The river is allowed to flood naturally in
some places so it doesn't flood in other areas. BAD
Monitoring- Monitoring levels of rainfall and the river
discharge. MIXED METHOD (bad because of cost and
doesn't physically do anything to prevent a flood. Good
because it gives people warnings of possible floods,
reducing economic and social impacts )
Flood plain zoning- Different land uses along the river
are planned and controlled to reduce problems. NEEDS

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Hard engineering- What is it?
When structures are built to defend
places from the flood water.…read more

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Hard engineering
Dam construction- Dams are often built along the
course of a river in order to control the amount of
discharge. (these trap and store water in reservoirs
behind the dam) MIXED METHOD
River engineering- This could include; dredging,
channel straightening and channel widening. BAD
Flood walls- Walls are built around settlements to
protect them against the flood waters. BAD…read more

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