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Group 3 :
metal flame testing…read more

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What is a flame test?
· A flame test is a teat conducted in chemistry, to find out the metal product of
an experiment. As when some metals are burned they create a coloured
· When identifying an alkali metal, a flame test must be used, as alkali metals
don't react with NaOH.…read more

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What are they used for?
· In the lab they're used post experiment, to identify the product of the
· But since ancient time they've been used for fireworks, The Chinese used
them for war fireworks and celebration fireworks.…read more

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How does it work?
· Light and flame energy hits the electrons of the atom, the electron move from
ring to ring. This energy cannot be maintained so they eventually fall back
where they moved to and this releases energy , this causes the flame to
change colour.…read more

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The different colours of flame
Li ­ deep red Se- blue
Na- yellow Zn- pea green
K- purple Rb- burgundy
Ca- orange Cs- blue/purple
Sr- deep red
Ba- green
Ra- purple/red
Cu- sea grean
Fe- yellow
B- deep green
In- blue
Pb- light blue
As- sky blue
Sb- lime green…read more


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