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Where is Mezzogiorno?
What is traditional farming like in
Italy?…read more

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Mezzogiorno ­ Southern Italy
Mezzogiorno ­
Southern Italy…read more

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Landscape highlighting traditional
characteristics of the area…read more

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Characteristics of traditional farming
Scattered plots commercial fruits
Silting rivers
Narrow twisting roads
Thin alkaline soils
Terraced hillsides no water for irrigation
High Summer temps deforestation
Drought in Summer
High mtns. For sheep and
goats grazing
Wheat and vegetables on
flat land
Subsistence farming
Isolated hill top village…read more

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Characteristics of traditional farming
· Latifundia
· Relief
· Soils know how they affect farming
· Climate…read more

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What is Latifundia?
How is the land organised?
· Latifundia ­ This a system that describes
how farms were traditionally organised.
The land was divided into large estates
and owned by absentee landlords who
lived away from Mezz in cities. Peasant
farmers rented plots which were often
small and scattered.…read more

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