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Stage 1:

Poem: Farmer's Bride
Subject: Early experiences of marriage between a husband and his wife.
From the poem it seems that it was an arranged marriage.
Themes: Fear, broken love, arranged love.
Messages: If there is something wrong in the relationship, time isn't going to
heal it.

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Stage 3:

Poem: Farmer's Bride
What techniques are Colloquial language to create the personality of the farmer-narrator in his rural
used environment: 'When us was wed' and 'she runned away'. There is a suggested lack of
And what effect do formal education. The farmer admits that he did not take…

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Rhetorical question -
But what to me?'
This ends the stanza and is strongly suggestive of his unhappiness.

'like the shut of a winter's day'
This portrays how sudden the change was as winter days go dark very quickly.

Punctuation - this is used to create emphasis at several…

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cementing them through sexual union. Both poems have a frustrated narrator yet 'Farmer's Bride' seems to have a
more tragic ending whereas 'To His Coy Mistress' is witty and comic.


In 'The Farmer's Bride' the poet uses imagery to connect the farmer's wife with nature, particularly wild animals. This…


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