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Question (Start of sentence),Answer (End of sentence)
Eye-witness testimony is,"the evidence given in court or in
police investigations by someone who has witnessed a crime
or accident."
EWT can be inaccurate due to failings of the human
memory, for example,"some people who were convicted
using EWT have now been cleared…

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Ethical issues of Loftus' experiment with the barn are,"she
did not get fully informed consent so debriefing would be
particularly important and video of a car accident may be
distressing, although the one she showed was a minor one
with no injuries."
To test the effect of demand characteristics on…

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EWT's are often distorted because,"participants are not
expecting anything to happen so miss things when they are
not paying attention. These gaps are then filled by
Schema are,"packets of information from our own
knowledge and experiences that are used to fill gaps in our
memory and make sense of…

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or a school trip to a palace and then shown a video of a
museum burglary the next day and asked questions on it,
recall of the museum burglary was worse for participants
who had been read the account of the palace burglary than
for those who had heard about…

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children after one day, but significantly higher levels of
forgetting in children after 5 months."
When asked questions about a staged event as part of
Yarmey's experiment,"elderly people were less likely to
remember the presence of a knife than younger adults."
Elderly people have been shown to be more susceptible…

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Recall in reverse order (RO) is,"when the EW must report the
episode in several different temporal orders moving
backwards and forwards in time."
Recall from changed perspective (CP) is,"when the EW must
try to describe the episode as it would have been seen from
different viewpoints, not just their own."…

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technique than under standard interview technique,
probably because they find the instructions difficult to


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