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Explanations For Group Aggression ­ Andrew F

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1 This essay will discuss the evolutionary
explanation of group displays of
aggression in humans, focussing on sport
and warfare. The evolutionary explanation
states that men need to mate with as many
women as possible to ensure their genes
pass to…

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Explanations For Group Aggression ­ Andrew F

prowess, without the danger of fighting.
6 Group displays also serve the function of
determining hierarchies in relation to
ownership of territory and intimidation of
other groups.
7 Recent research shows that the keenest
rivalries in sport are between local teams.
This proves…

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Explanations For Group Aggression ­ Andrew F

and reinforces gender stereotypes. It is
alpha biased as it exaggerates differences
between men and women.
16 The evolutionary theory is deterministic as it
suggests that group displays of aggression
are driven by our genes to serve the purpose
of survival and reproduction.…


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