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Outline and explain Situation Ethics ­ 30 marks

Timed ­ 24 minutes

Situation Ethics (S.E) is a theory which was devised by Joseph Fletcher in the 1960's. Fletcher
was disgusted at how religions were being taught and hated those which were legalistic with rules
which could never be broken. I.e…

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Sabbath". Therefore the rules are there to help us, but if it produces more love we are able to break
these rules.
Thirdly, "Love and Justice are the same; for love is justice distributed". This point emphasises
the fact that a moral act is maximising the love for the majority…

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medical genius stuck in a burning building (as used in the first essay) means that emotion of love is
completely lost.

In conclusion it's clear that situation ethics has it its good and its bad points. I think that
although it's very useful for it to teleological, this means that…


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