Evolutionary Explanations for Food Preferences - Example Essay

This is an essay that I wrote for the fourth topic of the Eating unit as revision for my exam. It answers the question 'Outline and evaluate the evolutionary explanations for food preferences' and this is the topic that came up in my actual exam. So my answer would have been very similar to this - using the exact same points and studies.

The essay contains points which aren't found in the textbook as we were taught some more memorable studies. I found that these stuck a lot better than some of the textbook ones would have and I went into the exam feeling really confident about this topic.

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Food preferences can be explained by the environment of evolutionary adaptation (EEA), where we
acted as hunter-gatherers and food supply was inconsistent. Because we were uncertain about our
next meal and would use energy searching whether we found food or not, we tended to favour
energy-dense foods, which were typically…

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A study which supports bait shyness in rats was carried out by Garcia et al., who gave rats a sweet
flavoured food as well as a dose of radiation to make them feel ill. When later offered the food
again, they avoided it. This suggests that they began to associate…


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