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Evolutionary Explanations of Group
Display in Humans Part 1…read more

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Group Display during War
War ­ the formation of a coalition (or group) to attack others
within the same species.
In humans, natural selection
would favour genes that make
group members cooperative.
Helping others will make it more
likely that others will return that
help, encouraging survival
chances.…read more

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Natural selection
also favours
aggression towards
individuals who
aren't part of the
Less likely to
return helpful acts
Any form of
aggression poses
risk to individuals.
Risk of aggression is reduced by group display.…read more

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War allows: Acquiring these resources increase
one group to gain chances of survival as well as
status over another chances of successful reproduction
Gain access to vital
in the future.
E.g. Going to war and
winning = access to
land, water, fuel and
also women.…read more

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Evaluation of Evolutionary Explanations of
Group Display in War (A02)
In Bosnia, during the
Chagnon, 1968 Yugoslavian conflict, more that
Modern day tribal societies 20,000 Muslim women were
raped as an organised attempt
The Yanamamo of the Amazon by Serbs to impregnate women
rain forest abduct women from who would then raise Serbian
neighbouring villages during children.
conflict. It also terrorised women into
fleeing their land.
They are obsessed with the size This could be an advantage to
of their villages as the only that group as it increased the
advantage one group can have chance of passing on their genes
over the other is manpower. and allowed them to gain more
resources.…read more

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There are non-violent societies such as The Pygmies of
Central Africa who manage to live in cooperative
Suggests learning is more
important than biology
(evolution) when
explaining aggression.
Even if there are biological
influences, culture can
override them, otherwise
aggression would be
universal.…read more

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