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Adaptations, Charles Darwin,
Natural Selection, Evolution &
Extinction…read more

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Habitat ~ a place where plants, animals and
micro organism live.
Predators ~ Animals that hunt, kill and eat
other animals for food.
Transpiration ~ the loss of water from leaves
by evaporation. It is much faster when stomata
are open than when they are closed.
Species ~ used in the classification of living
organisms referring to related organisms
capable or interbreeding.…read more

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Bacteria ~ celled microorganisms, some of
which are pathogenic in humans, animals and
Genes ~ the basic units of genetic material
inherited from our parents. A gene is a section
of DNA, which controls part of a cells chemistry
­ particularly protein production.
Fossils ~ hardened remains or impressions of
an organism that existed in the geological past.…read more

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Darwin's theory of evolution explains how
species of living things have changed over
geological time. The theory is supported by
evidence from fossils, and by the rapid
changes that can be seen to occur in micro-
organisms such as antibiotic ­ resistant
bacteria. Many species have become extinct in
the past, and the extinction of species
continues to happen.…read more

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Adaptations ­ cold
Every organism has certain features or
characteristics that allow it to live
successfully in its habitat. These features
are called adaptations, and we say that
the organism is adapted to its habitat
Organisms living in different habitats
need different adaptations.…read more

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The Polar Bear
Polar bears are well adapted for survival in the
Arctic. They have:-
A white appearance (as camouflage from prey on
the snow and ice)
Thick layers of fat and fur (for insulation against the
A small surface area to volume (to minimise heat
A greasy coat (which sheds water after swimming)…read more

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A well presented PowerPoint with concise information and some clear diagrams on 

adaptations, Charles Darwin, natural selection, evolution and extinction. This would be useful to any student studying these topics for GCSE Biology or science. This PowerPoint could be used alongside a quiz or a set of flashcards to test the understanding of the key words.

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