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All you need to
know...…read more

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What Are Waves?
Vibrations that move energy from place to
place, but do not transfer matter.
Some waves like sound waves need particles to
move through, called a medium.
Some waves can travel though vacuums, such
as electromagnetic waves.
There are two types of wave; longitudinal and
transverse.…read more

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This is a Transverse wave.
· The motion of particles is perpendicular to the
direction of travel. (If the wave is moving right
the particles will move up and down.)
· Examples:
· Plucking a guitar string (the vibrations.)
· Any wave in the electromagnetic spectrum:…read more

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This is a Longitidinal wave.
Its particles move parallel to the direction of
When the Waves are more bunched up, it is called
a compression, and when they are spaced out, it
is called a rarefaction.
A sound wave.
A slinky.…read more

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Measuring Waves:
Amplitude: The distance from the centre line
to a peak, the higher the amplitude, the louder
the sound.
Wavelength: The distance between two peaks
or troughs; the higher the frequency, the
closer the waves are to each other, and the
higher the pitch of the sound.
Frequency: The amount of waves produced by a
source each second, measured in Hertz (Hz).
Time period: The number of waves passing a
point per unit of time.…read more

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An oscillator is a piece of equipment used to
display a wave on a CRO display.
When sounds having different pitch and
volume are emitted by an amplifier, electrons
bounce around metal plates causing an electric
It is a clear way of seeing the properties of a
1. Low amplitude, long
wave; wavelength. Quiet, low pitch.
2. High amplitude, low
wavelength. Loud, low pitch.
3. High amplitude, high
wavelength. Loud, high pitch.…read more

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