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1. There is no adequate religious answer to the problem of evil. Asses this view.

Adequate Not adequate
The Augustinian theodicy is consistent Concept of hell as part of the
with the biblical tradition of a wholly universes design implies foreseen
good creator God. flaw, therefore world not made

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3. `The Augustinian Theodicy successfully resolves the problem of evil'. Asses this view.

Successful Unsuccessful
Augustinian Theodicy is consistent Criticisms of theodicy based on
with the biblical tradition of wholly concepts relation to logical, scientific
good creator God. moral error.
Consistent with accounts in bible of Concept of hell as…

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this is incompatible with most
religious moral frameworks.

5. `Augustine's theodicy is less convincing that that of Irenaeus.' Asses this view.

Less convincing More convincing
Scientific evidence disagrees with The Augustinian Theodicy is consistent
Augustine's concept of `fallen' nature. with the biblical tradition of a wholly
Biological impossibilities of good…

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Fails to explain uneven distribution of Maintains belief in life after death as
suffering. suffering will be overcome in next life.
If all go to heaven there is no incentive Both satisfy believers from the
to do good rather than evil. Christian Tradition as ideas are
Both Theodicies presume the…


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