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What are enzymes?
Enzymes are biological catalysts. This means they
increase the rate of chemical reactions without being
used up. Such reactions include respiration and
Enzymes are also proteins that have a folded layer to create a
larger surface area for reactions. Smaller molecules fit onto
this surface called the active site.…read more

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What is a denatured
If the shape of an enzyme changes due to high
temperatures of the wrong PH, the active site may no
longer work. The enzyme is described as denatured.…read more

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Key Terms:
· Enzymes: Protein controlling biochemical reactions.
· Protein: Proteins are a natural substance that have a globular or
fibrous structure. They are essential to the structure and function of
all living cells.
· Active site: The reacting part of an enzyme or antibody.
· PH: The measure of acidity or alkalinity of a substance.
· Denature: To make an enzyme unable to function due to change in
shape of active site.…read more


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