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Social explanation for
The Environmental
Breeder…read more

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The Environmental Breeder
· Social class links to schizophrenia
·A link between low socio-economic status and
schizophrenia has been established since the 1960's
·Various studies have found a higher rate of
schizophrenia diagnosis in the lower social class that
in others (Eaton et al. 1988)
·Schizophrenia is found regualry among the
unemployed and deprived areas
·Two social factors are considered : Social drift and
social causation.…read more

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Social Drift
These with schizophrenia drift downwards in class
due to cognitive and motivational difficulties.
· Not that class causes schizophrenia but that those
with the illness drift downwards in class.
· People with this struggle to stay in
employment/education, and thus drift in social class.
·Pre-onset symptoms may interfere with education
and relationships ect.
·If there is a genetic cause then it is possible to see
generations struggle to cope.…read more

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Social Drift
·Goldberg and Morrison 1963 ­ found that
schizophrenic men often were of a lower class than
their fathers. Suggesting their conditions had caused
them to become downwardly mobile.…read more

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Social Causation
Focuses on stress factors associated with class
· this is a more powerful indicator that there is an
environmental element to schizophrenia.
· the social stress and social difficulties of living in a
town/city causes or contributes to the development of
·The stress from a low level of education, with poor
rewards and opportunities could lead to schizophrenia.…read more

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Social Causation
·Strole et al 1962 ­ the highest rate of schizophrenia
is in the central city areas, which are populated with
the lowest socioeconomic class.
·Eaton et al 2000 ­ suggest that as there are more
cases of schizophrenia in cities than rural areas
something in city life must lead to schizophrenia.
·Hjem et al 2004 ­ conducted a study which
indicated that social difficulty in childhood related to
development of schizophrenia.…read more

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