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Characters in "Of Mice & Men-
The Main characters…read more

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· Characteristics:
· Handsome
· Small man
· Sensible
· Intelligent
· Lennie's best friend
· cares for Lennie
George is important in the novel because without him Lennie wouldn't have
nobody to depend on and he wouldn't be able to survive. The author chose
George to be intelligent and sensible to get the reader to be interested to see
the relationship of Lennie and him, also to show despite their different
characteristics, they share a strong relationship. If there was no George in the
novel then Lennie would be more lonely.…read more

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· Child-like
· Likes Tending animals
· Huge man
· George's best friend
· Completely depends upon George
· Lennie is important in the novel because he is the companion to George and he
is the responsibility of George. Without Lennie, George would be lonely.…read more

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· The boss's son
· Short
· Aggressive and arrogant
· Doesn't like Lennie
· Rude
· Curley is overwhelmed with jealous suspicions
· The importance of Curley in the novel is that he is the
boss' son and he shows power and his arrogance
towards other character on the ranch. However, without
Curley, his wife wouldn't be in the novel as the only
women on the ranch.…read more

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Curley's Wife
· Flirteous
· Pretty
· Married to Curley
· Only female character in the story
Curley's wife is important because without her, Curley
wouldn't have a wife and in the novel, there wouldn't be
Lennie's death at the end. Without Curley's Wife, there
wouldn't be any women in the ranch and make the
reader think that the author is...…read more

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· Has a dog as his friend
· Got only one hand
· Kind and generous
· He is old
Candy is important in the novel because he is old and has
no hands. However, he has earned lot of money by
getting medical compensation and he nearly made
Lennie, George and his dreams come true. Without
him, Lennie and George wouldn't have had kept their
hope up more.…read more

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