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· Endo- to take in
· Cyto- cell
· So endocytosis is a process by which cells
absorb molecules by engulfing them.
· It is used for bulk transport into the cell.
· It is used by all cells of the body because
most substances important to them are large
polar molecules that cannot pass through the
hydrophobic plasma or cell membrane. The
process which is the opposite to endocytosis
is exocytosis.…read more

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Cell Molecules such
Outside cell as proteins
Inside cell
Vesicle for transport…read more

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Substances are taken into a cell by the
creation of a vesicle.
· Part of the cell membrane engulfs the
solid or liquid material to be
· It is a process of active transport
which goes against the concentration
gradient.…read more

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· Cholesterol is taken up into cells.
· White blood cells ingest bacteria and other
foreign particles. This is called phagocytosis.…read more


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