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Exothermic Reactions
Exothermic reactions increase in temperature.
· Examples include:
­ Burning reactions including the
combustion of fuels.
­ Detonation of explosives.
­ Reaction of acids with metals.
reacting with
Thermit reaction…read more

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Say whether these processes are exothermic.
1. Charcoal burning yes
2. A candle burning. yes
3. A kettle boiling no
4. Ice melting no
5. A firework exploding yes
You have to put energy in for boiling and melting.
You get heat energy out from all the other
processes…read more

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Exothermic Reactions
· Magnesium + Hydrochloric acid
25o C 45o C
Gets given
hot out
acid…read more

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Exothermic Reactions
· If heat is given out this energy must have come
from chemical energy in the reactants
45 o
Reactants convert chemical
energy to heat energy
The temperature rises…read more

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Exothermic Reactions
Almost immediately the hot reaction products start to
lose heat to the surroundings and eventually they return
to room temperature
25o C
Chemical energy becomes heat
The reaction mixture gets hotter.
Eventually this heat is lost to the
It follows that reaction products
have less chemical energy than the
reactants had to start with.…read more

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