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Chemistry 2…read more

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What is Electrolysis?
· If you pass an electric current through an ionic substance that is
molten or in solution, it breaks down into the elements it is made of
· The electrolyte the liquid required to conduct the electricity.
They contain free ions (usually molten or dissolved in ionic substance)…read more

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Electrolysis and the Electrodes
· For an electrical circuit to be complete, there has to be a flow of
· Electrons are taken away from ions at the positive electrode and
given to other ions at the negative electrode
· As ions lose or gain electrons they become atoms or molecules that
are released…read more

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· Electrolysis ALWAYS involves an oxidation and reduction
· Oxidation
· Is
· Loss (of electrons oxidised)
· Reduction
· Is
· Gain (of electrons loss of oxygen)…read more

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Example of Electrolysis: Molten Lead
Bromide…read more


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