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Physics Paper 2 (Electricity)

Electricity is the flow of electrons from the negative to the positive poles of a power source. It cannot be seen, but the effects can be: magnetic
field, chemical changes (electrolysis) or increased temperature.

Voltage is a measure of the energy per unit charge i.e. Joules…

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The internal resistance of a source sets limits on the amount of power that can be supplied to an external load.

Semiconductors have resistivities between those of insulators and conductors. An intrinsic semiconductor has no impurities and their
conductivity is not affected by any external factor. When a charge is…

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This is an ohmic resistor as I and V are directly proportional. The gradient, R, is the same throughout, and thus has a fixed resistance.

These have a lag before the current can pass through. They only allow current to pass one way and thus the line will be horizontal…

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The resistance of a filament light bulb will increase as increased thermal vibrations make it difficult for current to pass through. The shaking of the
lattice slows down the current.


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