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The cell stores chemical energy and transfers it to
electrical energy when a circuit is connected.
When two or more cells are
connected together we call this
a Battery.
The cells chemical energy is
used up pushing a current round
a circuit.…read more

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What is an electric current?
An electric current is a flow of microscopic particles
called electrons flowing through wires and
In which direction does the current flow?
from the Negative terminal to the Positive terminal of a
cell.…read more

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simple circuits
Here is a simple electric circuit. It has a cell, a
lamp and a switch.
cell wires
switch lamp
To make the circuit, these components are connected
together with metal connecting wires.…read more

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simple circuits
When the switch is closed, the lamp lights up. This is
because there is a continuous path of metal for the
electric current to flow around.
If there were any breaks in the circuit, the current
could not flow.…read more

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circuit diagram
Scientists usually draw electric circuits using symbols;
cell lamp switch wires…read more

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