Effects of Hurricanes

Social, environmental and economic effects of hurricanes.

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Effects of Hurricanes
Social effects are to do with people
Environmental effects are to do with surroundings (built or natural)
Economic effects are to do with money and jobs
Effect Social Environmental Economic Consequences
Possessions destroyed · People upset
· Insurance claims
Buildings destroyed · People made homeless
· Businesses destroyed unemployment
· Insurance claims
Power cut off · Difficult for hospitals, emergency services etc.
Trauma to people & · Anger (possibly at government)
injuries · Long-term health effects
· Insurance claims
Billions in damages · Will take a long time to recover
· Cuts may have to be made elsewhere
Limited resources (food, · People may suffer
water, blankets, fuel etc.) · Cost to distribute
· Encourages looting and crime
People killed · People grieving
· Dead bodies cause disease
· Insurance claims
· Companies short-staffed
Flooding · Spread of disease in water

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Harder to reach people
· Causes more damage
· Insurance claims
Infrastructure destroyed · People cannot communicate with their loved ones
· Rescue efforts more difficult
· Businesses damage
· Money needed urgently to rebuild…read more


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