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Sociology Keywords
Culture the way of life of a particular society or social group
Deviance rulebreaking behaviour
Identity the sense of who we are
Norms rules of behaviour in social situations
Values widely accepted beliefs that some things are worthwhile
Roles positions in society such as mother. Roles are made…

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Secondary education education between the ages of 11 and 16
State education education provided by local and central governments

Cultural disadvantage the cultural deprivation theory suggests that some pupils
backgrounds are in some way deficient or inferior, cultural difference explanations
suggest that pupils backgrounds are simply different, and that the…

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Qualitative methods methods, such as participant observation, that produce primarily
written data and allow the researcher to see things from the perspective as those being
Quantitative methods methods, such as questionnaires, that produce primarily
statistical data
Topdown theories sociological theories that believe it is important to look at society…

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Closed questions requires a very specific reply, `yes' or `no' answers
Interviewer bias the influence of the interviewer on the way the respondent replies
Reliability quality achieved when all questionnaires and interviews have been
completed with consistency. This means the data can be accurately compared
Structured interview where the questions…


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