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Socialisation agencies;

Peer groups
Mass media
Religious group

Children learning to act ­ fairy tales teach girls to be good, stories for boys to be active and keep
women out of danger, playing with toys teach how to act in an appropriate way in society.


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Education Reform Act (1988)

Marketisation ­ an attempt to subject public services to market forces of supply and demand
to create competition, to create choice and to raise standards.
Parents to choose where to send children. It introduced league tables and prospectuses and
OFSTED began to produce publically available reports…

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Structuralist views of institutions they examine society in terms of a system and explore how
institutions operate together to make society work. These structures make people behave in a
certain way.

Bowles and Gintis (1976) ­ Marxist thinkers

1. Both the school and the workplace are based on the same…

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Cultural Deprivation ­ inadequacies in the socialisation process and the impact I has on achievement.
For example, cultural equipment language, attitudes and values, self-discipline.

Carl Berieter and Siegfried Emmelman (1996)

Found that w/class children used gestures, disjointed phrase and single words. E.g. innit and

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The impact of feminism.
1. Social movement that strives for female equal rights.
2. Had great success and improved female opportunities.
3. Angela McRobbie (1994) stated the improvements were reflected by media.

1970s - Jackie 1990s - Cosmopolitan

MAIN FOCUS Getting married Fashion ­ power dressing

MAIN FOCUS Cooking/cleaning Women's…


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