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Charlotte Watson ­ corrected Ayer 2 essay

Examine the argument and/or the interpretation in the passage.
Do you agree with the ideas expressed? Justify your point of view and discuss its implications for
understanding religion and human experience.

The period between the two world wars saw huge advancements in science…

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Charlotte Watson ­ corrected Ayer 2 essay

be considered meaningful as theists do not allow for theism to be falsified and therefore, it can be
considered nonsense. Flew also claims that debates about God should begin from a "presumption of
atheism" which amounts to the claim that "The onus of…

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Charlotte Watson ­ corrected Ayer 2 essay

believing that life has no meaning or ultimate purpose. Is it not part of human nature to believe in
some deity?

Another implication of the verification principle would be on morality in general. Statements in law
such as `do not kill' are meaningless…




which paragraph is this essay on?

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