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Jim Cole
James Taylor
Ben Hancox…read more

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The Psammosere
· The Psammosere is the name for the
complete cycle of dune development. It
covers dunes from their embryo state to their
climax.…read more

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Embryo Dunes
· Embryo dunes develop when sand
accumulates behind an obstruction on the
beach, such as driftwood
· Sand is transported by the wind via traction,
saltation and suspension
· These form small dunes 20% covered by
Couch grass.
· The pH is alkaline at 8-9
· The environment is very dry and windy
(xerosere)…read more

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Foredunes (yellow dunes)
· Foredunes develop when embryo dunes
increase in size
· This occurs because the grass traps the sand,
causing it to accumulate
· They are 80% covered by Marram grass
· pH is still alkaline at about 8
· Grass must be xerophytic, which means
tolerant to dry conditions, and halophytic,
which means tolerant to salty conditions…read more

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