Do the advantages of introducing a codified constituion in the UK outweigh the disadvantages

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Do the advantages of a introducing a codified constitution in the UK
outweigh the disadvantages? (40 marks)
o Would bring the UK up to date with most other modern Democracies.
o Would entrench rights of citizens.
This would be good because currently citizens are only
protected by the Human Rights Act of 1998 which can be
overturned by Parliament as it is sovereign.
o Gives citizens something to identify with.
This is a positive of a codified constitution as it gives citizens
a clearer sense of political identity
o This is important in societies that are constantly changing, for example
multicultural societies.
o Laws, rules and practices to run the country would be clearly set out.
Would be an advantage as it would stop and prevent any
over powerful executives.
o This would be favoured by the Liberal Democrats as they are a centrist
party that believes in sharing and distributing power fairly amongst the
branches of government.
o A codified constitution is very practical.
This is because it is all written up in one document and easily
accessible to citizens, this could also help to increase
political knowledge as if something is easier to attain
people are more likely to use it.
o Unlike an uncodified constitution that is made up and sources and can be
very hard to access as a whole.
o Location of sovereignty would be clearly defined.
This would be good as everyone would know which the
most powerful political institution is, making it easier to find
who is accountable for a decision.
o For example currently in the UK parliament is sovereign, but without a
codified constitution this could change and become confusing for

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o Makes the constitution less flexible.
This is a disadvantage as it makes it harder for policies to be
pushed through in times of emergency.
o For example the Northern Rock Banking crisis in 2008.
o By introducing a codified constitution our rights could be come out
o For example in the USA the members of society have the right to bear
arms.…read more

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A codified constitution should not be introduced as it would
destroy the UK's current political system and enforce too
many unnecessary changes.…read more


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