DNA and Chromosomes

Its a bit random, but has mostly DNA and Genes, a fill in the blanks, complements the AQA Biology Text Book..**

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Nucleotide and DNA Structure...
An individual nucleotide is made up of three components...
The three parts of the molecule join during a ____________________ reaction.
One nucleotide is known as a _________________________
Two nucleotides joined together in a ____________________ reaction is known as a
More than two nucleotides that join together in a ____________________ reaction is known as a
___________ __________, and __________ __________ discovered DNA following the work of
_______________ _______________ in ______.
DNA is made up of two _________________________ __________, that are held together by
_______________ bonds between the _______________ bases.
Pairing of the Bases...
The _______________ bases contain _______________, and are of two types.
There is a ____________________ structure ( __ __ ).
There is a ____________________ structure ( __ __ ).
_______________ pairs with _______________ by means of __ _______________ bonds.
_______________ pairs with _______________ by means of __ _______________ bonds.
The bases pair in this way because they are ____________________ base pairs.
DNA is a very __________ molecule, and therefore the _____________ __________ can
be inherited safely and without __________.
DNA is only held together by _______________ bonds and can easily be _____________
into __ ____________________ __________ during _____ _______________.
It is an extremely __________ molecule, and can carry a large amount of information in a
small space as it is twisted into a __________.
The _____________ __________ is protected by the strong
_________________________ _______________, and therefore cannot be changed by
_____________ _____________ forces.

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The Triplet Code...
A section of DNA on a chromosome coding for the production of one or more polypeptides.
The coded information is in a specific sequence in the bases of the polynucleotide strand.
Polypeptides formed can also be enzymes . Enzymes control the chemical reactions, and therefore
are responsible for the characteristics, and development of an organism .
Only ___ amino acids ______________ occur in _______________...
Each amino acid must have its own code of bases on the DNA...…read more

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