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Discuss the ROLE of exogenous zeitgebers and endogenous pacemakers in biological

AO1 ­ Endogenous pacemaker
­ In circadian rhythms ­ SCN, Pineal gland, melatonin
­ In Infradian rhythms ­ Pituitary gland, oestrogen, progesterone
AO2 ­ Research evidence to support
­ Siffre [cave]
­ Miles [Blind man]
­ DeCoursey et…

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- Siffre ­ First cave study found that his sleep/wake cycle continued to maintain a
sleep/wake cycle of around 24hours despite having no external cues such as a clock or
This supports that there is an internal control of the circadian rhythm, since even in the…

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- Campbell & Murphy ­ Found that shining a light on the back of participant's knees
shifted their circadian rhythms. This supports that the exogenous zeitgeber of light as
having an influence biological rhythms. However there was a very small sample size and so
the findings cannot be reliable in…


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