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Powers of Detention…read more

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Once a suspect has been arrested and taken to a
police station there are strict rules about the
length of time they may be held.…read more

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The Time Limits…read more

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The Time Limits
The general rule is that the police may detain a person
for 24 hours. After this the police may detain a suspect
for a further 12 hours (making a total of 36 hours) but
only with the permission of a senior officer,
superintendent or above. For ordinary arrestable
offences a suspect must then be charged or
released. However, with serious arrestable offences a
suspect can be detained for a further period if the
police apply to the Magistrates' Court. The Magistrates'
Court can order the suspect to be detained for a
maximum of 96 hours.…read more

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The Time Limits
During a suspect's detention it is the Custody Officer's
responsibility to review the suspect's detention on a
regular basis, the first review must be not more than 6
hours after the suspect was first detained. Then the
custody officer must review their detention at intervals
of not more than 9 hours. If at any point the custody
officer believes there are no grounds to detain the
suspect then s/he is under a duty to release the
suspect. Whilst detained the custody officer must keep
a record of events that occur, for example, interviews
and visits to the cells by police officers.…read more

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There are longer time limits with terrorism cases. ss 23-
25 of the Terrorism Act 2006 provides that;
Prosecutors can apply for an extension of the detention
This must be approved by a Magistrate for up to 14
This 14 day period can be extended to a maximum
period of detention of 28 days…read more

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