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River features- deposition
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· Land that lies next to a river
· River flows into floodplain when river floods
· Lower course of river (flat land)
· When river floods it takes alluvium from the river (fast
flowing) and deposits it on floodplain
· Further from channel = finer material
· Formation:
­ Alluvium fills up indentations in land making it a flat
· Caused by:
­ Movement of meanders across a valley
· Eg- Tewkesbury…read more

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· Embankment of material of side of river channel
· Broad base
· Get narrower to the top
· Natural or artificial
· Levee gets bigger over time- each flood adds
more material
· Formation-
­ The heavier sediment carried by floodwater settles
first, close to the channel
­ Finer sediment travel further away over the
­ The larger sediment builds up the levees over time…read more

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Eg. Yellow river, China (natural levees)
Mississippi, USA (artificial)…read more

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· A river that's made up of several small
channels that are separated by eyots (small
· Rivers with high sediment loads- found here
· Often found-
­ Within deltas
­ When velocity reduces rapidly at the mouth
· Often formed when-
­ Dramatic fall in energy flow causing deposition
­ Can cause main channel to be blocked
Eg- White river, USA…read more

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· End of a river (mouth)
· Large area of sediment which is very fertile
· Lower course- less energy: causes sediment to be dropped and
overtime spread over floodplain
· Triangular shape- wider base
· 1) Arcuate Fan-shaped, having a rounded, convex outer margin;
found where regular longshore drift of other currents keep the
seaward edge of the delta trimmed and relatively smooth in shape
· 2) Cuspate Pointed like a tooth or cusp shaped by regular but
opposing, gentle water movement
· 3) Bird's Foot Where the river brings down enormous amounts of
fine silt, deposition can occur in a still sea area, along the edges of
the distributaries for a vast distance offshore
· Eg- River Nile…read more

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