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participating in parties and pressure groups. This can be described as participatory
in political activity. This doesn't just mean voting or standing for elected office, but
· A government with the people: this is expecting that most citizens can participate
more common.
possible. Direct democracy is not always feasible,…

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the curriculum.
through education. A subject entitled "citizenship" has been made a compulsory part of
To attempt to improve these levels of political participation the government has done so ·
political parties much less than they used to in a process known as partisan dealignment.
A third indication, is that…

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Human Rights Act ·
No official discrimination against minority groups. ·
Freedom of assembly. ·
Freedom of association, ·
Free press. ·
Freedom of speech. ·
The power of politicians is legitimated by the people at election time. ·
Politicians are accountable to the people at election time. ·

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Arguments for Referendums
· They are the most direct form of democracy.
· People may be more likely to respect and conform to decisions they have made
themselves. They represent true government by consent.
· They may prevent government making unpopular decisions.
· They may resolve…


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