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Definitions of abnormality:

1. Deviation from social norms
2. Failure to function adequately
3. Deviation from ideal mental health

Deviation from social norms:
Society has standards of behaviour and attitudes, deviating from this can
be seen as abnormal. The same rules don't apply for all cultures, which can
cause issues…

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Limitations of deviation from social norms:
Role of context, certain behaviours are acceptable in certain situations
but not other, for example wearing a bikini on the beach is acceptable but
is not acceptable when going shopping.
Change with the times, the acceptable behaviours and attitudes change
over time. For example…

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all criteria are seen as abnormal which would mean the majority of
people are abnormal according to this definition.
Possible benefits of stress, research has found that moderate stress
provides motivation to achieve. Personal growth and individual autonomy
are western values but other cultures may see it as unhealthy and…


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