Death and the Afterlife

my own notes when I did the GCSE last year... hope you find it useful

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Unit 4: Death and the Afterlife
Qualities of Allah
1. Creator of the world and everything it
2. Transcendent ­ eternal, beyond time and space
3. Omnipotent
4. Omnipresent
5. Benevolent
6. Omniscient
3 Levels of Faith
If 1 aspect is missing, the Muslim is not faithful enough.
1. Conviction of heart ­ when Muslims know what they have done wrong in their heart
2. Confession of tongue ­ when Muslims see something wrong, they speak up
3. Actions of limbs ­ when Muslims see something wrong, they stand up physically
The 5 Pillars of Islam
If a Muslim fails to accomplish these requirements of faith, he would not be classified as a Muslim.
1. Shahadah: Declaration of faith, showing their commitment ­ "There is no God but Allah and
Muhammad is His prophet"
2. Salah: Pray at least 5 times a day and perform ghusl (ritual washing of body) before prayer
3. Zakat: Give 2.5% or more of income to charity doing good deeds pleases Allah
4. Sawm: Fasting during Ramadan (eat ONLY before sunrise and after sunset) to give thanks and raise
awareness to Allah
Muslims should empathise with `ummah (worldwide community of Muslims)
5. Hajj: Pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in a Muslim's life
7 Articles of Faith
1. Only one Allah ­ Allah and Muhammad is Allah's messenger
2. Existence of angels: We cannot see them
3. Prophets: Sent by Allah to give us messages
4. Books: Ends with Qur'an supported by Hadith
5. Faith: Destiny, `Al-Qadr': Our future and our destiny are known by Allah
6. Day of Judgement: `Yawmuddin' ­ Allah decides where people will go for Akhirah
7. Afterlife: Akhirah
Beliefs about the soul

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Soul = `ruh', the true person
2. Soul makes the decision, the body executes it
3. Person is judged on their deeds ­ life on Earth is a test
4. Soul and body are separate = dualism.
Death for a GOOD MUSLIM: peaceful (`ruh' is anxious to meet Allah separates with body easily)
Death for a BAD MUSLIM: painful (`ruh' does not leave body easily)
5. At death, only the body dies physically Akhirah is needed as an outcome for the soul
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The dying repeats final words of the prophet: "Allah, help me through the hardship and agony
of this death."
2. Friends and relatives gather around dying person ( Islam emphasizes on community, not prefer
loneliness, certainly not for the nearly dead.)
3. The dying asks for forgiveness and blessings from God and their loved ones
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Should have a time limit, do not mourn for too long (4 months 10 days at most for spouse) Islam
Death should be accepted with trust and faith
Death is Allah's wish and plan
Upon death, the individual could spend his Akhirah in Jahannam where he endures purification,
then advances through the 7 levels of heaven, uniting with Allah at the top
(Purpose of being a Muslim)
*Community ensures that the dead's loved ones are supported and helped whenever they need
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And the trumpet will be blown...out of their graves towards their Sustainer will they all rush
forth!" Surah 36:51
The living will fall down senseless and the dead will rise to join them.
Allah sees all as equal judges at the same level
3. On Yawmuddin, which happens in the "twinkling of an eye", the individual would be "repaid in full
what he has done" Allah decides what the individual does in Akhirah
According to Hadith, life on Earth is a test.…read more

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The Qur'an descirbes Jahannam as a place of torment under the Earth's crust where the guilty is
forced to endure burning winds, boiling water and black smoke ­ worst torture and suffering
12. "I warn you of flaming fire. None shall be cast into it but the most wretched, who has called
the truth a lie and turned his back." Surah 92:14-16
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YES, He should:
1. Forgiveness should not be restricted to certain individuals only, ALL sinners (Inc. People who
committed shirk should be forgiven?)
NO, He should not:
1. Allah is already very merciful and loving:
Muslims could improve as they move up the levels of Heaven
2. Only those who deserve to go to paradise would appreciate it
3. There must be some sanctions
4. Being too lenient on judgement of Akhirah chaos on Earth no one bothers to be good
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NDEs prove nothing, reliability?
(Visions are a result of brain's chemical activity
when short of oxygen)
Hope: Live for now, deal with whatever follows when it
There is better to come comes ­ don't care
Offers and escape/reward from present
Union with God, resurrection Doubt because we don't actually know what LAD
Reward/punishment for good/bad behaviour is like ­ no one has come back to tell us
They believe in what they want to believe. They believe in what they want to believe.…read more


Miss KHP

A VERY HELPFUL RESOURCE if you are studying Islam at GCSE.

I suggest you print these out and make your own notes over them or highlight them yourself.

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