data types

the main data types you need to know with examples for each.

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Data types
Holds one of two values such as yes or no
Used to answer questions where there are 2 options
Has the heating been turned on? Yes or no
Numerical data that uses decimal numbers
Used when extra detail is needed as a whole number wouldn't be accurate
Temperature (degrees C) 35.6
Uses whole numbers to store data.
Can be positive or negative but can't use fractions or decimals.
Shoes size: 7
Text or string
Hold any alphanumeric character such as text, numbers and symbols.
Address: 3 any house, any lane, somewhere GH3 9HI- this contains numbers
and letters.
Date and time
Used to store data that is related to date or time.
By using date or time you select the format for how you want your data to
be automatically displayed.
Such as 14/06/12 or 14th June 2012


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