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Crude Oil and Fuels…read more

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· Crude oil contains many different
· Boil at different temperatures
· Separate crude oil by fractional
· Produce liquids that boil at different
· These liquids are called fractions…read more

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· ONLY contain hydrogen and carbon
· Most are alkanes
· General formula: CnH2n+2
· Alkanes contain as many hydrogen
atoms as possible = saturated
hydrocarbons…read more

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Fractional Distillation
· Crude oil separated by fractional
· Boiling point depends on size of
· Larger the molecules,
higher the boiling point…read more

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· Crude oil vaporised and fed into column
· Hotter at the bottom, cooler at the top
· Hydrocarbons condense to liquids when
they reach their condensing point
· Outlets collect the different fractions
· Fractions collected at bottom contain
hydrocarbons with highest boiling points
and largest molecules…read more

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